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How do Hanicke Robins Sanderson do communications differently?


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The best communication happens in person.


Hanicke Robins Sanderson organise bespoke events for your company or organisation. We'll help you to spend quality time with potential and existing clients or partner organisations.


These events are tailored to the image of your company, and how you want to be perceived.


We will organise a conference or summit-style event if it is best for you, helping to inform your customers while also controlling the networking to ensure you get the time you want with them.


But if you want something more informal, we will organise a track day, a day at the races, a river cruise or even a themed party for you.


Why spend your budget on an exhibition where you are fishing for contacts? With a bespoke event, you’re not only in control of the costs, but also the guest list.


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In a digital world, where everyone is competing for attention, you’ve got to stand out.


Hanicke Robins Sanderson understand digital communications. Whether it’s social media, optimising content for your website or ensuring your email campaigns get read.


Our experience helps you ensure that your digital communications are as effective as they can be.


We will work with you to come up with eye-catching digital media.


And we will advise you on the perfect strategy including good design and the ideal words. We will also help you understand how best to use social media.


These are the tools we can use, to get your brand better known, trusted and seen as being at the cutting edge of new technology.


Isn't that where you want to be?


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Traditional media is less important than it used to be, but it still has a place and purpose.


Hanicke Robins Sanderson can help you get compelling content into the press, as we know the secret.


Whether it is drafting press releases, writing articles or features, our experienced journalists will create copy that makes your business shine.


We will also advise on the best ways to keep journalists and their publishers happy, helping to ensure your content is given priority.


But traditional PR should only be used as part of a fully-thought out, strategic communications campaign using face-to-face and digital – funnily enough, we do that too!


Get in touch with us and find out more about the perfect PR service we can create for your company - we promise you it will be amazing.


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