24 hours to save the world

By Adrienne Robins

Whether you believe or deny, when it comes to climate change we all need to understand what’s going on and recognise that our actions have consequences. 

But political rhetoric all too often gets in the way. Which is why it’s good to see Al Gore and his Climate Reality organisation thinking outside the box and engaging with musicians, actors and other celebrities in an upcoming 24-hour live broadcast which aims to inform, educate and inspire people to get behind the climate change cause. 

For the USA, this couldn’t be more important and timely. With Trump trumping all over the Paris agreement, individual states are taking matters into their own hands to develop renewable energy solutions and reduce carbon emissions. Why are they doing this? Because, contrary to what the Whitehouse believes, it’s what people want. 

Here in the UK, as we continue with our torturous EU divorce, we need to take some of this people power energy and use it for the good of climate change as we definitely don’t want to drop the climate ball once we finally leave the EU. 

And where better to start than with a 24-hour broadcast that you can dip in and out of to better understand what’s going on, what’s possible, and who you need to be putting pressure on to deliver change. 

Who’s taking to the stage? The Killers, Belinda Carlisle, Billy Bragg – you can find the full list (and sign into the broadcast) here: www.24hoursofreality.org It starts at 11pm in the UK on Monday 4th December. 

We also love that our client, www.carbonfreegroup.com is an active supporter of the broadcast and that their work on decarbonisation will be featured!