5 examples of how not to store food that might shock you

By Alex Bean

1. Did you know that the best place to keep your apples is in the fridge?! 

Most people, including myself, leave them in the fruit bowl. But according to experts, apples are best refrigerated because they last longer.  

If you don’t like chilled apples, take them out the night before so it’s fresh for the next day.  

2. Tomatoes are for the cupboard, and as far away as possible from the chilly fridge. This is because they stay fresher away from direct sunlight.  

If your tomatoes are currently residing in the fridge, you’re losing a couple days of juiciness, and I suggest you run home and move them ASAP. 

 3. Now… what to do with your eggs? 

My eggs are currently sat at the top of my worktop in the kitchen, away from sunlight. 

However, you’re supposed to keep them in the fridge because eggs last longer at a constant temperature. But don’t keep them in the door, because the temperature there fluctuates so they go off quicker. Keep them at the back of the fridge.  

Sorry to all the poor eggs I’ve wasted over the years because of my lack of egg-spertise.   

4. Ketchup, well isn’t this a bit of a mixed result? 

Usually unopened ketchup goes in the cupboard, which is right! However, once opened, put it in the fridge.  

5. Let’s talk about pasta’s good ol’ friend, Basil: 

If you like your basil fresh, then the fridge is actually the worst place for it. Not only does it dry out quicker, but it can turn the leaves black. 

Instead, cut the stems off, place in a jar of water, and put a plastic bag loosely on the top to maintain quality.  

Although other herbs including parsley are perfectly fine refrigerated, basil is best at room temperature. 

Perk: you can create a quirky decoration for the kitchen.