An Explosion of Colour

Kirsty Hanicke






By Kirsty

Rainbow bagels, Cragels (part croissant and part bagel, and a promise to sell breakfast all day if you are nice are just some of the offerings from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY.
Scott Rossillo, the self proclaimed world’s premier bagel artist is a native Brooklynite an accent to match, complete with earrings, tattoo sleeves, and a genuine spirituality that blends into his work. He is the man behind the rainbow bagel, bagels that have been swirled with vibrant colours that don’t bleed or fade and taste a lot like Fruit Loops and are usually stuffed with Funfetti cream cheese.
Through Rossillo’s commitment, experience, and expertise The Bagel Store has established a relationship with its customers that will last a lifetime!
Unique, no holds barred and tapped into customers’ wildest food dreams, this bakery has customers lining up around the block and is a social phenomenon.
Artists don’t merely exist – they evolve. Well that’s what I think anyway. By walking to the beat of his own drum Rossillo has re-energised a subdued industry and become a revolutionary figure in the market. Just think what a little bit hard world, free thinking and help from your favourite communication provider – Hanicke Robins Sanderson could do for you.
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We promise you’ll never look back!