I give in – it’s a Christmas marketing tradition!

Adrienne Robins





By Adrienne


This time last year I was somewhat underwhelmed with the John Lewis Christmas ad. And I said as much here. I also questioned whether it was time to go with something new. (Read the blog here).


It wasn’t.


Yesterday it was that time of year again – the official launch of Buster the Boxer. Now, I prefer this ad, although I must admit I’m not so keen on the accompanying track. But give it time. It will doubtless get into my head.


But that’s not why I’m posting. What has impressed me this year is the totally joined up activity that surrounds the John Lewis’ ad campaign. It makes it impossible to ignore. And this is how that joined up approach has grabbed my attention (I’m sure the touch points will be different for you).


  1. At the beginning of the week I started to see posts on Facebook about the ad going live (I know someone who works in the JL comms team, and they were super excited).
  2. I park in Waitrose and wonder in to buy a couple of bits and bobs. Gorgeous Christmas merch grabs my attention. At the till, the assistant asks if I have seen the ad. I say that I haven’t – but then, in uncharacteriscally British style, the other two people in the queue join in the conversation and, guess what, I’m the only person not to have seen it (It’s only just gone live this morning). The chap behind me says that as a My Waitrose card holder he got a preview. And the other lady has seen it on social media. I need to up my game.
  3. On the journey back from my meeting the national station DJ plays the track and talks briefly about the ad (it’s not a commercial station).
  4. Two hours later, I get home and make a cup of tea. I sink down in front of the TV and wonder if I’ll see the ad. Well, duh, of course I’ll see the ad, as it’s a ‘top pick’ on Sky’s home page. And yes, you’ve got it. I downloaded the ad. Seriously. I. Downloaded. A. TV. Ad. Not words I thought I’d be typing anytime soon (but then it’s been a Trumpety Trump week for that!)


So, move over Coca Cola ad. John Lews isn’t just on your tail. I think it might have overtaken your advertising juggernaut. Impressed. And it’s only 11 November.