The Coca-Cola truck- a genius marketing ploy

By Alex Bean

Every year the strangely iconic Coca-Cola truck descends upon various cities throughout December, giving away free mini cans of the fizzy drink. 

But, what is the point of this? How has it become a Christmas event? And why are so many people drawn to a truck? 

These are just a few questions that I wish I could answer. 

In reality, this idea is a very clever marketing ploy, attracting thousands nationally for the past 22 years, to its bright red, Christmassy exterior.  

While I have been drawn to it in the past, recently, I just find it really bizarre. 

It’s not so much the marketing concept behind it, but the fact that slapping a giant Santa on the side of a truck, decorating it in approximately 372 bulbs and 8,772 fairy lights (wow) and driving it around the country creates such a buzz.  

But on the other hand, it’s been happening for so long that I can see why people want to carry on this historical tradition for as long as possible, carrying it from one generation to the next. 

The truck is currently residing in Liverpool, and walking past it earlier today, I could already see that the momentum was gathering.  

Queues, lots of cameras and a huge amount of canned recycling that needed to be collected asap, was already surrounding the site.  

To improve the company’s marketing even more, it’s offering a once in a lifetime stay in the truck. 

During the sleepover, the guests will be able to watch an endless amount of Christmas films, while drinking as much as they like (Coke only!).  

The deadline to enter this competition is the 8th December- so hurry up if this is your dream stay. Mine is Bora Bora, but each to their own.  

While I will never full understand why this truck impacts the UK the way it does, I can see an amazing marketing strategy when I see one. Although I’m still freaked out at how much attention this truck gets and why it does, it is a family event and most people enjoy it.  

So well done Coca-Cola for your genius marketing skills. Maybe next time add an extra fairy-light and I’ll enjoy it more?