Fairy-light fun with Liverpool Christmas markets

By Alex Bean

I love Liverpool all year round, but for some reason, I love it even more around Christmas. 

While most people wait for the Christmas light switch on, I wait for the Christmas markets. 

This is because I know it’s truly winter when they arrive (besides the freezing weather).  

In Liverpool this year, the council has set up two different locations for Christmas markets, one by St. George’s Hall and another on the Pier Head by the iconic Liver Building. 

I had a wander down to St. George’s hall market and the first thing that caught my eye was a gigantic windmill, surrounded by fairy lights (festive much). It was kind of weird that this windmill contained a nativity scene, but somehow was still festive.  

Looking around I spotted the normal selection of food stands that take place each year, from the multiple German sausage stands to the fudges and the hot chocolate huts.  

Even though this variation of food takes place at every Christmas market, for me it amplifies that the season to be jolly is only a few weeks away. 

All that was missing was a Christmas playlist blasting out Slade and Wham.  

Stalls this year also included an array of woollen slippers, wooden carved statues and skincare products. 

The first thing I thought, apart from how extremely detailed the wooden carved cat statue was, is that there was a stall for near enough every age group. 

Sweet stands, cupcakes, beer bars, and prosecco (which is £3 a glass!).  

I hear that on the Pier Head there’s an ice slide and an ice bar, which makes me even more excited to go and visit the other market in Liverpool next week.  

*Mentally notes to myself to not try and get on the slide when you’re drunk on mulled wine* 

Not only is there a great range of activities, but it’s a good family day out, and I totally recommend it. 

Tip: If you truly want to get into the Christmas spirit, visit the markets at night time as there are millions of fairy lights scattered along the markets and throughout Liverpool City Centre itself. It really feels festive, especially when leaving our office in the Ropewalks area in the city centre, into the cold, dark Christmassy evening after work.  

Now, I’m off to go and get one of those Christmas hot chocolates!