Have you ever been fishing?

Paul yellowBy Paul


I remember as a kid going fishing once.


Another kid invited me, about the same age, one of those holiday friendships where you can’t wait to go and play with them while you are on holiday for two weeks, and then you can’t remember their name two weeks later when you are back playing footy with your normal mates.


So I was sitting there on the banks of a canal in Cornwall, bored out of my mind with him and his grandad, who in retrospect was the spit of John Shuttleworth and even drove an Austin Ambassador.


I had too much energy then, was too into footy and cricket, going to the beach and mucking about in the sea.


Not a lot happened when you were fishing on a canal other than other people walking past.



A few years later, I get it. I get why you might want to sit outside on a nice day, watching the world go by with peace and quiet. Not then though.


The canal went down to the sea, and you could see the commercial fishing boats while you were sat there all day. They knew what they were doing with their massive boats and massive nets. Brave men too.


A few years back, I was at an exhibition and I was manning a stand and it was just like that day on the canal-side when I was a kid.


I was fishing that day too, waiting for the perfect catch – somebody who I could do business with. And I caught a few fish too, so to speak. But while I was talking to them, and wasting my time with the fish that were no good to anybody, some other prime catches were walking on by.


Now I don’t do exhibitions, and I don’t think you should either.


Instead, organise your own event with our help, and invite the people you really want to network with to it too. We can even help you find new fishing grounds that can expand your business opportunity.