It’s you not me

Adrienne Robins


By Adrienne



Email newsletters continue to work in terms of marketing ROI. In truth, some work better than others, though.


So what does a good B2B newsletter look like? Clearly, it needs to motivate the recipient to take a specific action and communicate brand personality and principles.


For many B2B marketing teams email newsletters should also be quick, painless and cost effective to put together, distribute and monitor. By contrast, many businesses find themselves bogged down in content calendars, copywriting and distribution schedules.


And therein lies a huge problem. Email newsletters, like social media, can become a time thief if you let them. So, here are my top five tips to keep your email newsletter schedule lean and focused.


  1. Clean and segment your data.People change their emails regularly. Get someone to look at the hard and soft bounces and review the list. You’re wasting your time and money if your newsletter doesn’t even get to the right inbox.
  2. Less is more. People don’t open newsletters expecting to read lots of copy. They want to be directed to an opportunity or something of interest. Give them a snippet and a link and then tell them to use it.
  3. Make it mobile. If you use Mailchimp or similar, your e-news will be optimized for mobile. If you’re coding your own or outsourcing the process, take a moment to check it makes the mobile grade. Many people open newsletters away from their desks while multi-tasking; make it easy for them.
  4. Be relevant. Your e-newsletters should be about your customer not you. Most are interested in content that makes their life or prospects easier/better. What’s the best way to do this? Answer your clients’ questions and problems. It really is about them, not you.
  5. When do you open newsletters and when are you most likely to take action? When you’ve got a bit of downtime? The morning commute or over a lunch break is good for business propositions as people are less likely to be head down in research or in back-to-back meetings at these times and yet will still be in the work zone.

There’s one important area I haven’t covered and that’s subject lines. That’s for another day…