How we can make your business shine

Whether it is advising on social media or drafting press releases, writing articles or features, Hanicke Robins Sanderson’s experienced journalists will help make your business shine

Our team contains experienced journalists that have worked in digital, broadcast and print media. We also have social media experts too. Need a gif designing to get you noticed on twitter, or snappy copy for facebook, or a great image for instagram, then get in touch. 

Hanicke Robins Sanderson know a thing or two about creating superb press releases, about getting your company noticed by the media or on social media.

This traditional way of doing things is less important than it used to be. We would advise a strategy that contains face-to-face and digital, with PR an important third component. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket just because this is the way you have always done it.

If you need help getting in front of clients, then we can organise a bespoke event for you, help you with Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram, or write that press release for the trade media.

Getting your story into the press, online or broadcast isn’t always easy, but we know a few secrets that can help.

Our experience as editors and journalists, means that we know how to make life easy for newspaper, magazine and online decision makers.

We know they will want to run your news story or feature, because we will have worked with them on the perfect angle for their readers.

If you want content that is perfect for your business, for the trade, regional and national press, then use our communications skills to make it amazing.

Contact us and Hanicke Robins Sanderson will create a strategic communications campaign for you