Remember, remember the 5th of November

Paul Sanderson Hanicke Robins SandersonBy Paul


I was in California, recently turned 21, and able (legally at least) to have a drink again.


There was a bar in the place I lived, and I was sitting outside on 5 November, enjoying the warm sunshine and a pint with an American mate Chris.


He was a lovely fella, very chatty, quirky, but he could also be a bit crazy.


We got joined by some of the other Brits who were living there too, and we also started to remember, remember, the 5th of November, and we were all thinking of being back home, cold, probably wet and drinking mulled wine.


While we were glad to be in the sunshine, it was one of those days that made us all think of back home.


fireworks“I’ve got some fireworks,” said Chris. “I bought them in Mexico, let’s go and set them off tonight so you guys can celebrate the failed terrorist attempt.”


Now, we should have seen the word Mexico in there as a warning sign, but we weren’t thinking, wrapped up in thoughts of home.


That night, we met up and headed off into the Berkeley Hills to a bit of open ground, and Chris brought his fireworks with him and started lighting them.


They weren’t great fireworks, but we delighted in imagining ourselves back home in Britain.


Suddenly, we saw flashing lights and heard sirens.


“Run!” shouted Chris.


Confused we started running with the police cars close to arriving. We’d had warning so we allĀ got away safely.


Chris hadn’t told us that fireworks were illegal in California due to the risk of forest fires, which is why he had smuggled them in from Mexico.


For us Brits, we could have been arrested, and getting arrested meant being deported, which could have meant our degree studies being messed up.


Fortunately, no harm was done either to us or the California landscape.


Today is 20 years since all that happened, and every 5 November I always think of that day and have a little chuckle. It was fun, it was a little bit naughty, a bit dangerous, and something I will always remember.


In fact, it is the only Bonfire Night I do remember.


Now, I’m not suggesting doing something illegal, but doing something memorable and different is good.


We pride ourselves in coming up with professional, but creative ideas in everything we do. Our business is about doing things that are memorable – and legal!