Sitting Down to Bleed

Kirsty Hanicke



By Kirsty


Sitting Down to Bleed


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”


Yes, that was the great Ernest Hemingway. From the first part of the quote, you get the impression that writing is easy. Then, you understand it’s actually the most difficult thing in the world. Of course, I am not sitting here at my laptop bleeding onto the keypad and I am not professing to be a ‘great blogger’.


There are of course a few technical requirements in blogging: decent grammar, good vocabulary, great idea, and awesome written expression. If you wrote great essays at college or university, then you’re one step closer to becoming a blogger people will appreciate. However, all these aspects don’t make a post amazing. It’s the idea, style, approach, and authority that matter.


Do you want to reach those levels? Of course you do! Some guidelines that I follow when writing:


Think of an irresistible first sentence.

You can’t expect to catch prey if you don’t have the right hook. The first sentence is really important because it convinces the visitor you’re offering something valuable for reading. The purpose of the catchy opening is to get the reader to the second line.


Keep the sentences short and clear.

You don’t want your reader to lose attention before they get to the end of a long sentence. It’s important to be as brief as possible.


Use analogies.

Writers are like psychologists. They dissect the human soul to discover the reasons, causes, and triggers of certain actions. That’s how they develop believable characters we can relate to.


Stay away from jargon.

Simple, precise words will capture the attention of all readers. Some of them may like jargon, but not everyone understands pretentious words a particular group uses.


Be creative and unique.

You can’t always have unique ideas. Sometimes you need to go with the flow and write a post on a trending topic, although it has already been covered by every single blogger in the niche. Nevertheless, you have to find a unique angle to approach the issue.


The universal techniques that apply to every blogger are: clarity, consistency, and uniqueness. When you achieve these qualities, you’ll discover what else your audience needs.