Technical PR: the importance of understanding


It’s been a busy few months her at HRS Towers. Which is a good thing. And the technical nature of our projects has got us thinking: can technical PRs ever match the creativity that a PR generalist can bring?


Our answer is a resounding YES.


Technical PR doesn’t = boring. In fact, quite the opposite. It often requires more creativity to unpick the detail and confidently reconfigure it into a new, more engaging shape.


Our first year as a bona fide agency has provided us with some interesting technical PR and event opportunities, working on subjects as diverse as autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0 and robotics and electric powertrain shipping solutions as well as within our recognised comfort zone of recycling, waste management and all things environmental.


New technical PR clients have included The Recycling Association, Vanden Recycling and Visedo. On the events front we’ve completed two in Liverpool and are now planning several more in London for 2017.


Techical PR essentials

How have we helped clients most? Probably through our no-nonsense approach to techical PR which has enabled us to provide the necessary combination of strategic and creative communications advice, on the ground support and technical understanding.


And that last point is key: the technical nature of the landscape that we work in makes this difficult terrain for non-specialist comms advisors. While we don’t claim to know everything about recycling, waste management, automotive or powertrains – we know more than your average bear. And that means we can quickly identify and exploit media and event opportunities, getting technical PR campaigns out of the starting blocks without that typical bedding in period that might othewise be expected.


We also have the nouse to know when to challenge ‘techy traditions’ and when to leave well alone. We’ve seen what’s gone before, know the language, and understand the industry etiquette – and will take all of these into account when preparing technical PR campaigns.


This has most certainly paid dividends for our current clients, creating awareness through print and online media outlets and providing access to key influencers and bubbling industry-specific debates.


Indeed, after just a couple of weeks’ work, one client was already reporting that the ‘word’ was getting out, with their business development teams already enjoying the benefit of  being better known. That’s certainly an objective ticked (although not ticked right off!)


Of course, there are benefits from gaining a new perspective from someone outside of your sector – but in our experience those are outweighed by the advantages of an inbuilt industry shorthand which provides objective meeting shortcuts.


Regardless, creativity is a given.


Author: Adrienne

Adrienne Robins