The power of personality

By Adrienne Robins

When it comes to B2B PR, the baseline focus is often on products, services and target markets. But that can only carry you so far. 

Identifying and nurturing an industry personality, however, can take your PR to another level.  

Over the years, we’ve worked with a range of individuals in the recycling, construction, energy and sustainability sectors, and all have enjoyed regular print media/online coverage. Some have come to us with the explicit objective of raising their personal profile, while others have been surprised to find themselves in the spotlight. 

For those that already recognise that they have a story to tell, the key is to help them refine messages and identify the less obvious (but often more interesting) stories and opportunities.  

For many, it’s also important to provide practical support in terms of identifying and securing feature and speaking opportunities, drafting copy and acting as a sounding board for more controversial (or should that be thought-provoking?!) opinions. 

In reality, if you have a ready-made personality, the challenge can be more about focus and direction.  

But not everyone arrives at our door ready to take to the stage, or even aware that they have a story to tell. Mike Jackson from Prismm Environmental is a good example. 

At our first meeting with Mike it was obvious that his mindset was all about innovation. He’s certainly not old school recycling.  

It was clear to us that Mike would be able to forge a place for himself in the UK recycling landscape, and after talking it through he was happy to give it a go. 

Six months down the line, Mike has a vlog, has spoken at a recycling conference, has a regular column in a target market e-newsletter, and features in the latest issue of Recycling & Waste World magazine (pictured above). And he’s full of new ideas, which means the coverage will keep on coming. 

You can read Mike’s feature here (go to page 20):