top 5 tweets of the week, 27th Nov-1st Dec

Here are our top 5 tweets of the week:


When it comes to recycling, this girl is a star. Not many people at her age start recycling and helping the environment until later in life, but this post goes to show that its never to early to start. Very heart-warming: 

The fashion industry is a sector that creates a lot of waste, but Ellen MacArthur and Stella McCartney have joined forces to make sure the number of clothes getting recycled and reused increases. Great story:


Struggling on the colour theme for your Christmas tree? Worried about how to cook your turkey this year? Then Marks and Spencer have your back. Its new “Christmas concierge” helps you with all your Christmassy needs:


Since our office is located in Liverpool, it is only right that we show off how Liverpool does Christmas. Introducing the tree of hearts, located in the centre of the city: 


Seeing as it’s the 1st of December, it would be insulting if our final post didn’t come from Santa himself. Let the countdown begin! 

Check back next week to see if you made our top 5 tweets.