Top 5 tweets of the week


Here are our top 5 tweets of the week:

Not only is this a good story that promotes recycling and the circular economy, but it is also pretty cool as well: 


With our office based in Liverpool, this is quite a historical piece of information on Liverpool’s transport system and screams WOW:


Do you get annoyed with waiting for your recycle bins to be collected, then we have the perfect solution for you, via this post. Why not make a DIY recycling machine for the home? 


GDPR is becoming a bigger issue everyday and it’s important that you read up on this matter to avoid the consequences, here’s a a guide on the matter:


How could this not be in our top 5 tweets? Black Friday Stress = kittens? What more could you want?! 


Check back next week to see if your tweets made the cut!