Top five takeaways on Bold Street- Liverpool

By Alex Bean


With our office based just off Bold Street in Liverpool, we are surrounded by an abundance of restaurants and cafés that all scream “EAT FROM HERE”.  In fact, in summer when we have the office window open we can smell all the delicious food on Bold Street and it makes us starving! 

Although we aren’t Michelin star judges (we wouldn’t say no if asked though!), we know a thing or two about the best places to go for a perfect lunchtime takeaway from somewhere on Bold Street, because honestly, we have tried most eateries on the road already! 

So here are our top five takeaways from Bold Street in Liverpool:  

1) American Pizza Slice  

This place, without a doubt, takes our first spot. Not only does it do a good range of pizzas, but the size of one alone could fill you for an entire day, and plus it’s absolutely delicious.   

It’s a pizza that makes you want more, and with one slice only costing £2.50, it’s great value for money. Alex recommends the peperoni pizza and Paul loves the halloumi one.

2) Artisane 

The story behind this French bakery, sorry boulangerie and patisserie, is quite magnifique. The team behind this amazing place is made up from local and international bread and cake aficionados, who produce hundreds of mouth-watering treats every day. The stunning selection of beautiful patisserie makes it well worth a visit, but the selection of sandwiches and bakes is stunning too.

Paul suggests the vegetable curry pasty and ask for it to be warmed.  

3) Bold Street Coffee 

If you ever find yourself walking to the end of Bold Street, you will come across this little café on the left-hand side. 

Not only does this place do, in our opinion, the best coffee in Liverpool, it also makes ammmmazzzingg toasties that are truly-scrumptious. If you’re ever in need of a deep, intense coffee, walk past the Costa and the Caffe Nero and try this little place instead, you’ll discover what you’ve been missing. 

4) Bakchich 

This Lebanese street food restaurant is always packed, which says a lot about how good the food is.  

If you’re a fan of halloumi, kofta’s, Lebanese-style burgers, and wraps, then this place is one to try, and we are sure you will love it as much as we do! And not many people realise they do takeaway too. So when you need to grab something to eat at your desk, you can still have Bakchich.

5) The Italian Club 

Italian food is amazing anyway, but this restaurant makes it exquisitely. 

From the dry-cured ham paninis to the carbonara, this place is one for the lovers of traditional Italian recipes and ingredients. Don’t miss out on trying this little spot, because it will soon become a favourite. 


Happy eating!