Top three marketing trends for 2018

By Adrienne Robins

Putting together your 2018 marketing strategies? Well, here are some trends you might want to follow to keep things fresh and exciting. 

1. Get a good vlog game 

If you’re working on FMCG or are delivering B2C messaging, then you should reach out to the vlogging community. Share your products and opinions with these savvy YouTube/Instagram personalities and you’ll reach new audiences, particularly of the youth and female kind. This isn’t a new trend, but it’s one that’s growing quickly. Don’t expect vloggers to promote your stuff – that’s advertising! Instead, let them give their candid reviews. PC Centric does this really well when it comes to techy stuff 

Alternatively, if you’re comfortable being in front of the camera, there’s nothing to stop you from vlogging. Just make sure you’ve got an interesting angle and are prepared to stand by what you say. Don’t worry about being perfect in terms of lighting etc. It’s more to do with content. But remember, it’ll take time to build an audience – vloggers like PC Centric don’t achieve success over night. 

2. Think stories 

When it comes to social media, stories are where it’s at. Everyone loves an Instagram story, so make sure you add to these. And it’s the same when it comes to Facebook/Messenger.  

For Twitter (and Facebook), we’d like to see more people going live, letting people really engage with events and emotions as they happen. 

3. Old school is going to be super cool 

New GDPR and E Privacy Regulations come in to force in May 2018, and these will significantly change the way we approach direct marketing, especially in terms of emails. 

In short, mass email marketing to prospective customers is pretty much dead. Which is no bad thing seeing as the conversion rates are often pretty dismal.  

Instead, marketing strategies will be much more targeted and better joined up with the sales process. There will be a massive focus on getting well researched targets to opt in, rather than simply hitting the send button and hoping. 

To do this, marketing teams are going to have to spend more time understanding what really makes potential customers tick. We might also see an increase in old school direct mail.  

One thing is for sure though, if mass emails are an integral part of your marketing you need to prepare to do things differently.