When Christmas marketing goes bad

Adrienne yellowBy Adrienne.


Christmas is coming … but there’s no room in the car park for Coca Cola. Or at least not in Leicester.


Now, I’m not going to lie, I’ve drunk my fair share of Coke in the past. Without question, I drink less now. Much less. And that’s nothing to do with maturing tastes – it’s simply down to the amount of sugar and the effective messaging of Jamie Oliver et al.


But where Jamie gains plaudits, politicians are lampooned. As Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester, found earlier this week when he announced that the infamous Coca Cola truck would not be welcome in his constituency.


In his opinion, should the infamous truck roll into town, lights blazing and Santa winking, the people of Leicester would leave their houses and protest.


Well, Keith, I doubt that’s going to happen, but you do make a valid point.


Having been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes himself, and well aware that this and tooth decay are becoming an increasing problem within his constituency, surely he’s allowed to campaign against those that are contributing to these health issues. And linking his arguments to a big brand definitely got headlines, provoked debate and gave him a platform for his messages.


Now, while on the theme of Christmas TV advertising, I woke up to see the latest John Lewis offering plastered over Facebook and YouTube #manonthemoon and to be honest I was a little disappointed. Am I the only one? Will I grow to love it? Is it too much of the same kind of thing? If you haven’t yet seen it you can watch it here:




All of these thoughts rushed through my head while I watched the little lass with her eye to her telescope spying on the lonely old man in his (B&Q) hut on the moon. Yes, I do want to make people happy with the perfect Christmas present (and will doubtless spend a number of hours in said store), but I’ve got to say I’m a bit bored with the John Lewis Christmas soundtrack and sentiment.


I really want these adverts to be a Christmas tradition but, on first view, I wonder if this type of Christmas marketing is already on the wane. Perhaps I’ll love it in a few weeks’ time, but I doubt it. As much because I rarely see ads anymore. Sky Plus has seen to that.