Would this encourage you?

By Alex Bean

Recently, the chief executive of Pret A Manger, Clive Schlee, had asked people on twitter whether a 50p discount on coffee would encourage them to use a reusable cup. 

The people have spoken and out of 5,000 people, 96% said yes. 

He also asked for further ideas of what else would motivate them. 

The main suggestion was the idea of a branded reusable coffee cup being sold throughout the stores. 

Both the discount and the branded cup are being launched in 2018.  

When I first saw the chief executive’s post on twitter, I couldn’t actually think of what would encourage me, I just thought, why would I bring a cup into work with me? 

But thinking about it more, it’s a great idea for coffee lovers everywhere, and for the environment.  

A 50p discount will go a long way in terms of trying to cut waste and improve recycling rates, so I applaud Pret for what it is doing.  

And although I won’t be using the 50p discount as I don’t drink coffee, if it expanded its discount to include 50p off vanilla hot chocolates, then I would 100% be in the store every week.